October 26, 2020


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Artec 3D presents new version of its Artec Studio 15 with scan-to-CAD function

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Artec 3D, developer of 3D hardware and software, has presented the latest version of its Artec studio. Artec 3D has integrated new functions and upgrades into its Artec Studio 15, which should ensure faster workflows and more precise results, such as the scan-to-CAD function “Smart Scanning”.

The Artec Studio 15 from the software manufacturer Artec 3D offers new features that save time and money. The scan-to-CAD functionality provides basic workflows directly in Artec Studio 15. The software makes it easier for CGI Artists to create lifelike models through improved color representation and texture transfer from model to model. According to a press release from Artec 3D that has reached 3D-infinite magazine, powerful algorithms improve precision and speed when working with 3D scanners from Artec 3D. In February Artec 3D and 3D Systems launched new 3D product packages for schools and training centers.

Automated workflows

New automated workflows such as the optimized autopilot, a more sophisticated, twice as fast automatic alignment and state-of-the-art texture registration speed up the work. User-specific groups allow users to work with several data records at the same time and to save them in self-created folders. The loading of individual projects is significantly shortened because each scan is imported from a dedicated CPU core. The work area has been redesigned and the individually configurable user interface allows the user to adapt the software to their own preferences.

Smart scanning mode

According to Artec 3D, Artec Studio customers always describe the new software version as an upgrade for their scanners. The “Smart Scanning” mode for the Artec Micro desktop scanner is even said to exceed that. It can digitize objects twice as fast as with the manual process. By calculating the most effective scan paths, the optimal number of surfaces with the least number of frames is recorded. This enables very high-resolution scans with a small file size that can be processed faster.

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Workflow optimized in reverse engineering

The basic CAD forms of Artec Studio 15 also ensure optimized workflows in reverse engineering. When the scan is complete, the geometric key data can be extracted and converted into a CAD format that can be edited in SOLIDWORKS or other CAD software. With the “Exact positioning” function of Artec Studio 15, models can be positioned in the world coordinate system. If the models are correctly positioned with basic shapes, they can be exported to common CAD formats and edited in SOLIDWORKS, Geomagic Design X and other 3D CAD programs.