October 31, 2020


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Braskem and ALM present new polypropylene (PP) powder for industrial SLS 3D printing systems

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Advanced Laser Materials (ALM) and Braskem, a leading manufacturer of polyolefins and biopolymers, have jointly developed a polypropylene (PP) powder, which is suitable for selective laser sintering 3D printing systems (SLS), according to a press release. The two companies have been working together since 2018 to pool their resources and produce SLS powder based on the polyolefins material group.

Polypropylene is a category of polymers, including polyethylene and polypropylene, that are made from a simple olefin as a monomer. ALM is a subsidiary of the EOS group. With the Braskem Recycler, Made in Space sent a plastic recycling system to the ISS in November 2019.

Details about the new PP powder

The new PP powder is the first result of the collaboration between the two companies. The material enables objects with lower weight, higher moisture resistance and chemical resistance. It is reported to be comparable to PP materials for injection molding, including flexibility and elongation at break.

Vanelli describes the collaboration with Braskem as an important supplier of polypropylene in the USA as the perfect solution to offer the additive manufacturing market a real PP solution. The aim is to offer a product that is superior in quality and reliability, scalable in offer and competitive in price. ALM currently has a range of TPE and PA-based SLS materials in its range, including nylon powder filled with carbon fiber, glass and minerals.

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