October 26, 2020


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US startup Mighty Buildings takes off with its own Production-as-a-Service platform for 3D printing houses

platform for 3D printing houses
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Mighty Buildings is a startup from California aiming to make a name for itself in 3D printing of buildings with a Production-as-a-Service platform. For the company, the rationalization and automation of construction processes are in the foreground. Mighty Buildings has now received $ 30 million in funding for further development.

In many cases, 3D printing has proven to be suitable for use in house construction. The company ICON, whose 3D printer Vulcan is used worldwide, is very successful. The Asian company WinSun has also made a name for itself with its building constructions. With Mighty Buildings, there is now a new construction company that uses automated solutions for building houses. The young Californian start-up, which received USD 30 million (EUR 25.54 million) from investors such as Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator, SV Angel and CoreVC, was founded by Y Combinator in 2018.

Mighty Buildings details

Mighty Buildings plans to combine pre-made techniques with 3D printing and streamline the construction process. According to the company, up to 80% of the entire manufacturing process can be automated with a specially developed Production-as-a-Service platform. The additive manufacturing of some components can cut working time by 95%.

3D printing makes a major contribution to producing the structures twice as quickly and producing only a tenth of the usual amount of waste. With a 32-square-meter studio unit made in 24 hours on a 3D printer, Mighty Buildings demonstrated the power of its process.

3D printing of buildings with a Production-as-a-Service platform

Project and design independent platform

The Mighty Buildings platform can be used for many applications. This ranges from small complex buildings to large building modules. The platform is independent of design and project.

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The software-controlled design-to-production process makes it possible to create customer-specific floor plans. The light stone material was specially developed and is a light, fireproof, energy-efficient, stone-like composite material.

45% cheaper

Traditionally made homes in California cost around $ 32 (EUR 27.24) per square meter. According to Mighty Buildings, their process can make houses up to 45% cheaper with 3D printing due to lower labor costs.