October 28, 2020


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Telefonica builds 5G without Huawei

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If you believe most network operators, 5G can hardly be built without Huawei. The British Vodafone, for example, has calculated that a waiver of the Chinese supplier would delay the expansion of the network by two years and make it around 200 million euros more expensive. The announcement of the German Telefonica is all the more surprising. The company, which should be known to most as O2, wants to build its 5G core network completely without Chinese components, only with components from the Swedish supplier Ericsson.

Haas does not appear to expect any increase in costs from the decision. He promises: “With Ericsson as technology partner for our 5G core network, we can continue to offer our private and business customers the most powerful network technologies at economically attractive prices in the future.”

The 5G mobile network is designed to shape the future of the mobile Internet. It accelerates the speed of the speed already available in the cell phone network. In the future, however, it will primarily be used for digital services such as autonomous driving, the Internet of Things or high-speed access for places where no DSL line is currently available. 5G is currently being used, but there are currently hardly any end devices that can already use the radio standard.

Huawei is the world’s leading supplier of mobile technology. However, the Chinese company is accused of giving the Chinese state access to its technology via back doors in the program code of its devices.

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