November 24, 2020


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AMD’s flagship new card price exposure may be less than $300

AMD Radeon RX6000 series
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Recently, foreign technology blogger @coreteks brought news about the AMD Radeon RX6000 series graphics cards to be released in the fourth quarter . Coreteks said that AMD Radeon RX6000 series graphics cards will use GDDR6 16GB video memory. The original price is 599 US dollars, but the current price may drop to 549 US dollars, which is approximately RMB 3760.

@coreteks said that the price reduction of AMD Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards follows the NVIDIA new product launch. It seems that AMD wants to win more market share with lower prices.

According to previous reports, the AMD Radeon RX 6000 series graphics card is also the Big Navi graphics card, which will be equipped with a graphics card core based on the RDNA 2 architecture and TSMC’s 7nm process. It has 80 computing units (CU) or 40 WGP computing units, and the total number of cores is 5120.

AMD Radeon RX6000 series

In terms of performance, Big Navi beats RTX 3070, and its price is much stronger than RTX 3080. You are a consumer, who would you buy?

However, NVIDIA should have a back-up. The 3080Ti/3080 Super has not been released for a long time, and the technical breakthrough must have been completed.

Therefore, it is too early to make a final conclusion in this year’s graphics card battle. In the fierce confrontation between the two giants, I believe that the sweeter dessert card is still on the way.

Here I want to remind everyone to wait for the party, the performance and manufacturing cost of the graphics card are here, no matter how popular the card is, there will be no leapfrog performance. I still recommend buying early and enjoying it early.

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