October 26, 2020


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Rikomagic DS02 Review – 4G LTE Digital Signage Player with SIM Card

Rikomagic DS02
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This time I have really interesting device for review, actually I have the Rikomagic DS02. It is not ordinary Android media player. Because it has also support for 4G LTE connectivity with SIM card slot. This device is primarily designed for professional use. For example it can be used in public places like museums, transportations, hotels. It is used for showing useful information like weather, but also for showing advertisements and similar video stuff. So this device is called Android digital signage player.

But what is most interesting about this device, the Rikomagic DS02 is available in two different versions. Or in other words is available as 4G LTE model or only as WIFI version. So basically if you have 4G LTE version of this signage player. Then you don’t need to have Wi-Fi or ethernet connection, because device has SIM card slot, and all what you need to do is insert your SIM card. But remember that the 4G LTE model still supports ethernet connection.

After that you need to configure mobile internet settings, like APN, Bands. This feature is definitely great, because still today many people has no internet connection available. Because of that they need to use mobile internet. Also if you use this device for professional use, then in some public places wi-Fi is not available. So it is much easier just to insert 4G SIM card for the internet. 4G signal is stable and quite strong depending on your mobile operator. It is easy to adjust settings according to your needs. On the other hand if you have Wi-Fi version, then everything is the same like on any other Android media player. Also besides wireless connectivity it offers gigabit ethernet with WoL support which is great feature.

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Digital Signage Player

When we speak about build quality and design, I can tell you that the design is more or less the same like on any Android media player. The only difference is that, the Rikomagic DS02 has the case made from metal which is also advantage. The other thing which I like about this device is removable Wi-Fi antenna. So basically you can can install any other Wi-Fi antenna if you need more powerful Wi-Fi signal. But with Wi-Fi antenna which you will receive in the box is still good, and and much better comparing with built-in antennas. Because it provides more powerful wireless signal.

4g lte sim card android

Talking about built-in hardware, Rikomagic DS02 has medium strong hardware. It has 2GB of RAM, 16GB flash with MicroSD card socket. It is based on SoC Rockchip RK3288 with Mali-T760 MP GPU. Nevertheless i’m pleasantly surprised how is fast this Android signage player. So I presume they have done good software optimisation, because any application is installed quickly but besides that they work without any lags or problems.

This operating system which is based on Android 7.1.2 comes with just several installed applications, which in my opinion much better option because you don’t need to uninstall any wanted applications. Besides that I have tried IPTV, Netflix, and Youtube. All applications are working great without any lags. So I can confirm that this Android digital signage player can be used also for home use like any other media player.

Overall I am personally satisfied with Rikomagic DS02 because it can be used for professional or home use depending on your needs. It works out of box without any modifications. Most important operating system is stable and fast. So signage player is ready for work, besides that it has very interesting feature 4G LTE SIM card slot. Which I didn’t sea in any other similar device.

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For more information please visit official website, please see my YouTube review.