October 28, 2020


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Omikai K1 Review – Android 10 Smart TV Box with Wireless Charging

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So you can see I have really interesting Android smart tv box from Chinese company Omikai. In this current case I have for review Omikai K1 device. It is is a lot different comparing to other devices. Because it has built-in wireless charging function, but besides that it has also built-in fan. Before I say anything about this features, I would like to say a few words about build quality and design. So basically this Android box has design like a box where the case is made of plastic.


On each side has holes so air can flow outside. On the front side of the box it has logo of the company which is changing colours, and it looks really cool.

omikai k1 review

So basically the fan is working automatically, in other words when is needed, it will automatically turn on. The same situation is also when the fan is turning off. This feature is very good because your Android box will have normal temperature. For the first time I see Android box which has a wireless charging function. So basically you can charge your smartphone or any other device which is really cool and at the same time you can use your Android box for watching movies or playing games.

This smart Android box pass really good built in hardware like 4GB of RAM, or 32GB storage space. But this is not all because it has also 802.11a/b/g/n/ac – 2.4G & 5G WiFi, 1000M RJ-45 ethernet, it has also Bluetooth 5.0. So you can see it has all most advanced network functions. Wireless connection is stable and it has a good range for connectivity.

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Besides that when we speak about user interface and operating system, the Omikai K1 latest operating system Android 10.0, which in this moment has only a few other Android box devices. User interface is simple to use, there are only few applicationa and in my opinion this is a good choice because the user can itself decide which applications will install.

Also during use I can confirm that user interface is working just fine without any problems. Google Play store is also working normal. After that I have tried IPTV, Youtube, and some other similar applications. So after that I can confirm that all of them are working without lags.

So basically you can use Omikai K1 box, for watching TV we but also for watching YouTube including Netflix. As well I have tested the Android box with several benchmark applications, and you can see the results below. But from what I can see the results are very similar with Amlogic S905X3.

Overall I’m very satisfied with Omikai K1 because it has a fair price, but at the same time it offers some functions which other Android smart tv boxes doesn’t have. For example it offers wireless charging, built-in fan, colorful logo, but also functions like 1000M RJ-45 ethernet, Bluetooth 5.0, and 4GB of RAM.

For more information please visit this website wher you can buy it.

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