November 24, 2020


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40 functions to improve the iOS camera program Halide 2.0 released

iOS camera program Halide 2.0 released
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The iOS camera application Halide Camera launched by Lux Optics is an excellent third-party application that not only makes up for the shortcomings of the iPhone’s native camera application, but also provides more professional operating settings. Recently, Lux Optics released the latest Halide Mark II, providing more than 40 functional improvements and upgrades.

Halide Mark II is a brand-new application, the operation interface has undergone a brand-new design, the interface is more concise. In terms of function, Halide Mark II continues the focus and metering control methods of its predecessor. The newly added “focus magnification” function makes manual focusing more convenient and ensures the focus position is clear. In addition, in full manual mode, the adjustment of ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, shutter speed, etc. is also smoother.

Halide 2.0 download

In terms of exposure control, on the basis of the color and brightness histograms of the previous work, Halide Mark II combines the two into one with the new “Color Zebras” function, which presents the histogram and RGB three-color channels separately, and provides More intuitive information prompts.

Halide Mark II

In addition, Halide Mark II has also added a new function of “Coverage”, after it is turned on, you can shoot one JPEG picture using Smart HDR and Deep Fusion functions and one original RAW file. The advantage of this is that RAW can be better post-processing, and JPEG or HEIC files can be quickly shared on social platforms.

Halide Mark II is currently on the Apple App Store. Users who have purchased Halide 1.0 can upgrade to Halide Mark II for free. In addition, Lux Optics offers an annual subscription of $9.99 and a one-time purchase option of $36 in the Halide Mark II. If you have already purchased Halide 1.0, you can use it for free for one year. After the expiration, you can choose to subscribe or purchase the software at a time .

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