October 31, 2020


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iFold: Why Apple’s foldable iPhone only half blows my socks off

iFold: Why Apple's foldable iPhone
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“Foldable smartphones will be the next revolution”. Samsung claimed this in 2019 before the turbulent introduction of the Galaxy Fold. However, the intellectual successor comes from Apple – and Tim Cook will at least announce it as a completely reinvented product category. At least according to the latest leaks about a future foldable iPhone. Certainly a prospect that the heart of many technology enthusiasts will beat faster. A prospect that worries me so much because Apple – well – is Apple.

The smartphone leaks come from no other pen than that of Jon Posser. On June 16, he released the leaks, which indicate that Apple is working on a concept for a foldable smartphone with two displays. The design is similar to that of the Windows Surface Duo. According to the Leaker, this hypothetical foldable iPhone will consist of two separate screens and will be held together by a flexible hinge.

Apple does not want to conquer new worlds, but rather open doors

“Apple is no longer a smartphone pioneer.” A statement that scares me. Because it was too often put in a bad context by those who are against Apple. Apple is always able to create and implement trends. Successes such as the iPad and the AirPods, which dominate their respective markets, prove this exemplary.

But it is true on the smartphone market: Apple has recently spent most of its time catching up with the Android competition from a hardware perspective and presenting it as a revolution. The most recent example is the integration of the ultra wide-angle sensor in the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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The affordable smartphone was hailed as Apple’s flagship killer. In the end, it was just a newly packaged iPhone 8 with a Bionic A13 chip. And that is, in my opinion, Apple’s problem: the company consists of compromises.

It really became his philosophy. Never give your users too much to avoid spoiling them. Don’t do nonsense. And always stay in control of your products by enforcing YOUR version of a good user experience.

And the hype about foldable smartphones marks a cut in the industry. Because it’s about breaking compromises. Compromises that are associated with the all-too-uniform design of smartphones and no longer have a quality feature.

A foldable smartphone without compromise

As I mentioned above, Apple shows me the unfortunate tendency to impose its own vision of the good product on its users. “Trust me, believe in me.” Unfortunately, you can not rely on the Apple to fall far from the tree (I promise, I will end the jokes). And I’m afraid that Apple will be satisfied with something in between for its foldable smartphone.

The leaked design that I mentioned at the beginning can roughly be compared to the LG V60 ThinQ. If we push the cartoon further, we could even mock Apple. We just have to consider that the company just claps two iPhone 11s together and sells it to us as the product of the decade for twice the price.

A foldable smartphone without compromise

I would have liked Apple to take up the concept again, adopt it and improve it. Instead, this leak leads me to believe that Cupertino is more about avoiding obstacles or even fleeing them. And by choosing the easy way out. Why should you stubbornly stick to the production of a flexible display if you can put two classic OLED panels together? Isn’t that practical? What should be there?

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Apple's foldable iPhone