October 31, 2020


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iOS 14: These are the 4 new top features

iOS 14 - These are the 6 new top features
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Anyone who installs iOS 14 on their iPhone will be happy about numerous new features: widgets, app library, app clips, a new Siri and more.

1. App Library: Away with the apps

We all know the problem: Too many installed apps that are actually rarely used. So far, the apps have disappeared on the last app pages of the home screen, hidden in some folders. And when you do need the apps, you have to look for them in their hiding spots again.

App Library - Away with the apps

Apple recognized the “problem” and was the first to introduce the iOS 14 Feature App Library. Here you can simply mark the apps that you no longer want to see on the home screen. These disappear and can only be viewed via the library, together with all other apps that can be divided into certain categories (games, entertainment, social …). In addition, there are suggestions with apps that you use frequently, as well as “Recently added”, i.e. apps that you installed last.

2. Widgets: Apps have never been seen like this!

With the complications, an Apple Watch feature crept onto other operating systems for the first time. Because the “Widgets” feature will not only be available under iOS 14, but will also appear for the new iPadOS 14 and the new macOS called “Big Sur”.

Widgets - Apps have never been seen like this

We already know widgets from the “Today View” screen, which you can access under iOS 13 with a swipe to the left of the home screen. There you will find various features, such as a weather display, news, phone favorites, different time zones and and and.

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With iOS 14, however, you can also drag the widgets onto the home screen. The widgets can be of various sizes and can replace either four or eight apps. The rest of the apps adapt to the new widgets and disappear when you move the widgets across the screen. Of course, several widgets can be placed next to each other on the home screen – or you can swipe through different widgets on the home screen.

Widgets not only change the way in which we can use the apps with iOS 14, they also change the entire appearance and make the user experience even more dynamic. We are very curious to see whether the new, large widgets really bring us as much benefit as Apple promises – or whether they might even get on the nerves after a certain time.

3. Picture-in-picture video: this is only now?

With this feature we asked ourselves: “Wait a minute, why is this feature only coming now”? Because the introduction is so logical that it should actually have been there from the start. We’re talking about “Picture in Picture Video”, a feature that is actually pretty self-explanatory. If you look at a video and swipe upwards, the video does not end, but continues to be played – however, the image section that can be freely moved back and forth on the screen is reduced.

Do you want to switch between apps? No problem, the video remains open in the foreground in a small window. You can even minimize the video completely, the audio will continue to play.

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4. News: Apple answered our prayers

The fact that Apple Memojis can be even more individualized under iOS 14 is cool, but not really the feature that we included in our prayers for the Messages app. No, Apple has also introduced other features: “Inline Replies”. On iOS 14, members of a message group can reply directly to a message. What has long been known from messenger apps like WhatsApp or Telegram is now finally coming to Apple’s messages.

Until now it was only possible to respond to certain messages, such as with a heart, a thumbs-up or an exclamation mark. For users like us Macwelt editors, who communicated daily in the news app, a great wish has come true.

In addition, individual conversations can now also be pinned to the very top of the app. Thus, the chat history with daily chat partners can always be reached quickly.