October 31, 2020


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iPad Pro Release: Apple offers first insights via Augmented Reality (AR)

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Shortly after Apple officially presented its iPad Pro 2020, the manufacturer offers its customers, who are not currently able to view the device directly in the store, a special visual experience: the iPad Pro in augmented reality.

With all the restrictions that the corona crisis demands from technology manufacturers worldwide, they have to come up with something to keep their customers happy and encourage them to buy despite curfews or self-imposed quarantine.

This is what happened to Apple and its new iPad Pro: As you already know, the US technology company has currently closed all of its stores worldwide in order to protect employees and customers from being infected with the corona virus.

A convenient alternative to shopping in the store
This, of course, deprives customers of the opportunity to inspect an iPhone or iPad directly in the store before they buy it. We have already reported on the precautions the company has taken to try on the Apple Watch and AirPods.

As is well known, Apple is one of those manufacturers who are particularly creative when it comes to marketing their devices. What the US company has now come up with to offer its customers the most realistic foretaste of the new iPad Pro is somewhat reminiscent of the sales strategy of relevant furniture stores, from whose catalogs we can select furniture and place it virtually in our living room or bedroom .

The iPad Pro right on your desk
Like the furniture from the catalog, you can now bring the new iPad Pro to your desk – virtually, of course! Augmented Reality is the magic word with which, at least in your imagination, you become the owner of a three-dimensional version of the iPad Pro.

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To do this, go to the iPad Pro on your iPad or iPhone and scroll down to the section “Your next computer is not a computer”.

There should be two links: “Watch the film” and “See iPad Pro in AR”. Alternatively, there is another way to get into the 3D view further down on the page: “Use AR to see the new iPad”. This link can be opened via the Safari browser of the iPhone or iPad.

Camera scans your surroundings
Once you have clicked through the links, you will be asked to move your iPhone or iPad so that the camera can scan your surroundings and display them in three dimensions on the display. The virtual version of the iPad Pro can now be parked where you want it – for example on your desk or table.

In order to adjust the size of the virtual iPad Pro to the environment, you can drag and rotate it on the screen with your fingers. It would be optimal for this augmented reality experience to have a lidar scanner available. Unfortunately, this only comes with the new iPad Pro. At some point you may be able to place a virtual version of the iPad Pro 2020 with the iPad Pro 2020 in your area.