November 24, 2020


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iPhone XR-X-11 magically changed to iPhone 12

IPhone XR-X-11 magically changed to Apple 12
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For those users who hold iPhone XR and 11, simple changes can still be used for another two years. It is reported that Huaqiang Beimo’s iPhone 12 business is booming. Many iPhone 12 cases are sold here every day, and the supply exceeds demand. In addition to the case, there is also a complete industrial chain, so that old iPhone phones can be converted into iPhones. 12.

Some local merchants revealed that any model can be changed (change to iPhone 12), iPhone X costs 450 yuan, iPhone 11 is cheaper, more than 100. Those with a flat cable are more expensive, and those without a flat cable are cheaper. Due to different camera positions, the camera function of some models of mobile phones may be affected after the magic change, for example, only one camera can be used.

iPhone XR-X-11 magically changed to iPhone 12

As long as one to five hundred yuan, your old phone will be transformed into the latest iPhone. This technology is a piece of cake for the Huaqiangbei merchants, but just make a few back covers as they are, and then stuff the old machine in. In fact, before Apple released a new phone, the iPhone 12 magic change has already become popular in Huaqiangbei. Since the beginning of last month, the glass backplane, screen, and camera required for the magic change have been provided. Sales. On social platforms, photos disguised as the new iPhone 12 with iPhone XR , iPhone 11 and other models have been circulated, and netizens are excited: “iPhone 11 will be no problem for another two years!”

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