November 24, 2020


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It is rumored that the design of iPhone 13 will not change the fingerprint or not

rumored that the design of iPhone 13
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There are already rumors about the iPhone 13 that have already been revealed. Recently, the well-known whistleblower @Jiorīku mentioned some details about the iPhone 13 prototype on his Twitter.

@Jiorīku said that the design of iPhone13 will not undergo major changes compared to iPhone12. Apple will continue to maintain a flat and square frame design, and will still launch a mid-frame version of aluminum and stainless steel. At the same time, the under-screen fingerprint recognition technology that people are looking forward to will not appear, and Face ID is still the main unlocking method for this new phone.

However, in the past several generations of iPhone mobile phone the same, Apple will be the follow-up to the prototype that many modifications, so the final iPhone13 have what kind of features and exterior design, still have to wait until next year will be announced.

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