October 31, 2020


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MicroLED: Apple is investing heavily in new display technology

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Apple is investing in a new display factory to produce screens there – for iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, Apple Watch and maybe other products that we don’t even know today. This factory is not based in China, but in Taiwan. Apple has sought two partners for this project. Until we see MicroLEDs in iPhones, water will flow down the Spree.

Colors and contrasts should be relatively the same for MicroLED and OLED. The big difference, however, lies primarily in the lifespan of the display panels. Since OLEDs use organic material and are therefore not protected against decay processes, micro-LEDs should last much longer or retain their luminosity.

Apple’s investment is expected to be around $ 330 million and will go to LED specialist Epistar and panel producer AU Optronics. They then build the new factory for Apple.

MicroLED not yet ready for series production

It could take some time before the first MicroLED panels for Apple products come off the production line. So far, no manufacturer worldwide has managed to get MicroLEDs ready for series production. Production is currently still very expensive, so that large-scale production is not yet worthwhile.

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