October 28, 2020


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Files UWP: Modern file explorer for Windows 10

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After yesterday we presented a UWP app for editing metadata with Chaptifier, today with Files UWP a modern file explorer for Windows 10 follows. This was also presented as part of the UWP Community Launches 2020 and offers you many useful functions as well chic look in fluent design.

The app was developed by Luke Blevins and a partner and offers a sleek design and a whole range of functions. This includes:

Instances tabs.
Multiple layout modes (more on the way)
Modular code base to maintain rapid development
Unmatched file access performance
Everything you’d expect from a file explorer (actions on the clipboard, file details, quick access, etc.)

My ambition with Files was always to provide a stable, open-source foundation for innovation in the file management space. If you look at the dozen or so competitors in the Microsoft Store, like I did back in early 2018, then you can tell they really should have worked together more to produce something better. In fact, my intention was never to produce a Fluent-designed copycat of Windows Explorer.

Although that question of “What can a UWP app do?” was how my development efforts got started, the excellent support from the community over the last year and a half really changed the trajectory towards something greater.

The app never became good until I understood the need to add things (small and large) which provide genuine value for the user. Today’s flagship community-requested features such as instance tabs, open in Terminal, and excellent performance are just the tip of the iceberg for what this app is going to become.

I want to extend an open invitation to everyone reading this. Two people cannot manage the app forever, and we desperately want to show off the best an open source app has to offer. We want to work with enthusiastic users, whether through your feedback items or pull requests on GitHub to make the app even better.

My goal at Files has always been to create a stable open source basis for innovations in the field of file management. If you look at the dozen or so competitors in the Microsoft Store, like I did in early 2018, you can see that they really should have worked more together to produce something better. In fact, I never intended to imitate Windows Explorer with Fluent Design.

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