November 24, 2020


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WhatsApp with massive disruption

WhatsApp with massive disruption
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Well, did you already write with one of your contacts via WhatsApp and wondered that he obviously did not see the message and was also not online, but wrote to you? This currently works involuntarily even if you have opened the app – because WhatsApp has a massive fault.

Stalkers should have a hard time these hours. In contrast to previous disturbances in the past weeks and months, the service works in this case. However, there is a server-side fault through which the online status of your own contacts is not displayed. This also applies if you post a status message, which disappears after 24 hours. In this case, you may not see who saw your report and who did not.

The online status or the blue ticks, which symbolize “read”, can be deactivated in the settings. The small positive effect of the current malfunction is that you do not have to switch these functions off and that the other person does not know that you were online and read the message.

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