October 28, 2020


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Bamboo bike from Ghana – manufactured under fair conditions

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The my Boo company makes more than just a bicycle. The production location in Ghana creates jobs and opens a school with the proceeds from 2019, in which 215 children now receive lessons. With the purchase of a bamboo bike from my Boo, you also directly support the Ghanaian population. In addition, bicycles also look extremely chic, are available in various versions and, thanks to the low weight of bamboo, are also very easy to transport.

The individual dream bike from my Boo

The company my Boo would like to offer every customer their own dream bike and still let every part of the value chain benefit as it were. The bamboo bikes are handcrafted in Ghana in just under 80 hours. Customers can put together their own bikes and choose from the categories e-bikes, city / trekking and sports.

The bamboo bicycle is manufactured in a total of seven steps, after the bamboo harvest it is dried and the most beautiful sticks are selected. The bamboo tubes can then be inserted into the clamping device and connected to the aluminum components. This is followed by wrapping with hemp ropes to make the frame extremely stable. After rough and fine sanding, quality control, painting and testing in Germany follow. The frames were tested in Germany by the test institute “Efbe Prüftechnick GmbH” according to the applicable EN standard and passed the first time.

Why a bamboo bike? my Boo explains

Bamboo grows wild everywhere in Ghana, just three years after harvesting, bamboo reaches a height of 20 meters again. This makes bamboo a natural raw material that can be harvested without great environmental impact. Thanks to the individual chambers and a thick outer wall, bamboo is extremely stable and yet extremely light. This is a great advantage for bicycle production because it makes it possible to produce robust bicycles with low weight.

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my Boo cooperates with the Yonso Project for more educational opportunities

My Boo has been working with the Yonso Project and its bamboo bike workshop Boomers since December 2013. In the Mapong District near Ghana’s second largest city, people are fighting for more educational opportunities for children, against youth unemployment and for equal opportunities between men and women.

The Yonso Project Model School was completed at the end of September 2019. There are now 215 children divided into eight classes every day. Since in Ghana it is usually only possible for children from well-paid households to receive schooling, it was particularly important to the project to offer education at an affordable price so that as many children as possible could go to school. A total of 14 teachers work at the school. There is also a kitchen in the school so that the children receive childcare all day.

Conclusion on my Boo the manufacturer of bamboo bicycles

The use of bamboo as a stable material, which can be largely degraded without significant environmental damage, is becoming more and more established. In addition to the environmental advantages, the bikes from my Boo also impress with a unique design. They immediately catch the eye and their production in Ghana also offers a variety of advantages to the people there. With the purchase of a my Boo bike, you directly help the people there, create jobs and support the school built by my Boo, which wants to offer all children the opportunity to get an education.