October 29, 2020


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E-bike from the boss – company bike and other tax advantages

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Most entrepreneurs have long dealt with ecological issues: As in society as a whole, environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important. There are many ways to make everyday operations more environmentally friendly. This includes e-bikes from the boss and regular work in the home office. The state supports these measures with tax benefits.

Employee mobility: reduce CO2 emissions

Individual transport makes a significant contribution to CO2 pollution and thus to climate change. Rush-hour traffic plays a central role here: According to the Federal Environment Agency, 20.5% of passenger traffic in Germany went back to work and home in 2017. Many use the car for this. By switching to the bicycle, employees contribute to a better carbon footprint, employers can encourage them to use environmentally friendly mobility. An increasing number of companies are taking action, making company bikes available to their employees. This can be a modern e-bike or an ordinary bicycle, both of which are subsidized by the state with tax benefits.

Perfect environmentally friendly mix: company bike and home office

Switching from a motor vehicle to a bicycle is an important contribution to environmental protection. At best, entrepreneurs supplement this with the option of working from the home office once a week or several times a week. This completely eliminates commuting. It is in the employer’s interest that their employees also have the necessary office equipment and technical equipment at home, such as a powerful PC. Leasing models are also popular here, for example companies can rent office furniture for their employees. If laptops and the like are used privately, the regulations on monetary benefits deserve attention. In addition, the employer can partially cover various costs such as expenses for the Internet and telephone connection. Separate regulations apply to this. An internet and telephone flat rate is taxed, for example, by the employee at 25%; he does not pay social security contributions.

Environmental protection and employee loyalty go hand in hand

Company bike and home office are two easy-to-implement environmentally friendly measures. Not only do they help environmental protection, they also improve companies’ image as employers. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, advantages such as a leased e-bike and the right to work from home prove to be notable plus points in the struggle for skilled employees. Smart companies also offer other environmental and health benefits.

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