October 29, 2020


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New innovations: real change of form or just small optimization gimmicks?

New innovations: real change of form or just small optimization gimmicks?
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At the moment, vehicles can only offer really marketable innovations in detail. As the saying goes: “The wheel can no longer be reinvented” and so the shape of an existing means of transportation is relatively stable, whereas the drives, the material composition as well as the driving, flight or swimming properties of an object can change rapidly.

Basically, new innovations, such as that of e-mobility, are also further developments of centuries-old findings and study results. It is mainly thanks to bioelectrochemistry and bioelectricity that natural scientist Luigi Galvani discovered so-called galvanism in 1780. Almost every bio membrane, e.g. the cell membranes of the nerve and muscle cells are physically considered capacitors that use small voltage differences for signal transmission.

The fact that a ship, car or plane moves optimally is due to the different flow behavior of the forms that form the basic structure or the original form of the shape. We also encounter these stable designs in nature, so that some animal species have been able to exist on this planet for several hundred million years without any phenotypic changes. Biocapacitors, the basis of today’s capacitors, are another example of this basic biological plan. It is all the more interesting to discover that even highly storable lithium or sodium batteries will in the future only show historical relevance. Organic electrodes as well as bio waste and spider blood are just a few examples of how a battery can also be optimized in terms of environmental technology.

The manufacture and development of the “Ryden Dual Carbon” battery, which was launched in 2014 by the Japanese start-up Power Japan Plus, is interesting because this battery uses carbon as the anode and cathode. The high-performance electricity storage device is intended to generate even more capacity than conventional lithium-ion batteries, such as those used in current electric vehicles.

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solar-powered e-bikes

New ideas and developments that are currently occupying the bicycle market prove that an apparently stuck form like the bicycle always wants to develop further. So the means of transportation, which has existed since the Middle Ages, is optimized at almost every screw, which has a positive effect on both weight and running pleasure. A special mention is made of the new carbon frame, which tends to be made by anyone who owns a 3D printer. Just as innovative are the airless tires from Bridgestone, which also optimize the suspension of the bike. In addition to the function of the bicycle frame as a bicycle lock and solar-powered e-bikes, the bicycle without a bicycle chain from CeramicSpeed ​​is probably one of the outstanding innovations on the bicycle market. The almost frictionless drive uses a carbon drive shaft to transmit the power from the chainring to the pinion.