November 24, 2020


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Sushi bike in Review: This e-bike is cheap and good

Sushi bike in test
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If you are looking for an e-bike these days, you should have a well-filled wallet. Many e-bikes cost several thousand euros, are networked and crammed with electronics. If you are just looking for a chic e-bike without a lot of frills, you should definitely take a look at the sushi bikes. We tested the Maki M2 model for you for a week with the hardest physical exertion.

What does the Japanese food sushi have to do with an e-bike? The two don’t really go together, do they? But at the same time the name gets stuck in the head. If you then add the name Joko Winterscheidt to the marketing scale, you might think that such an e-bike is already priced in the top league with VanMoof and Cowboy.

E-bike for only 999 euros?

The sushi bike is available in different variations, or shouldn’t I say flavors? The Makis come as classic men’s bikes with a straight top tube and are available in three frame sizes (50, 55 or 60 cm). With their curved top tube, the three California variants correspond more to the classic women’s bike and these are only available in one frame size.You can argue about tastes, certainly about the look of the sushi bike. I personally find the very clean and puristic look with the brown accents on the tires and grips of the handlebar very successful. Even the removable battery mounted on the frame fits the sushi bike because it looks like a bottle of drink.

Sushi bike cheap ebike

Most modern e-bikes can be unlocked, configured and located using a smartphone. But do you really need so much technology to complete your daily commute during the week? Not in my opinion, that’s why the simple technique of the sushi bike is so good. It works without a smartphone, because there is a small control unit on the steering wheel with which you can control the motor. There are a total of three support levels that can be easily selected using this control unit. Of course, you can also switch off the support completely and simply use the Sushi Maki M2 as a single-speed bike.

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If you buy a sushi bike, you should remember that you get an almost bare e-bike. Fenders, stands and luggage racks are not standard. However, these can also be ordered when ordering. Speaking of ordering: You can have the sushi bikes delivered to a bicycle dealer near you. This will then make the bike ready for you for a fair fee.

Sushi bike battery

In the days that followed, the weather was better and dry and it quickly became apparent that the medium level of support made it easy to maintain a comfortable cruising speed. If you want to accelerate a little faster, whether at the traffic lights or for an intermediate sprint, you simply switch to the highest support level and the full 200 watt thrust of the rear engine pushes you forward. Most of the time I only used this step to climb gradients more evenly. But it’s no comparison to the boost of a VanMoof S3.

Sushi bike wheels

You only have to be prepared for one thing: the e-bike is designed to be tough. Bumps go into your buttocks almost unfiltered and that can be really painful. It is best to buy a different saddle for the sushi bike.