October 29, 2020


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Green electricity comparison: for your conscience and for your wallet

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Green electricity has been on the rise in Germany for years. In 2019, almost half of the electricity produced nationwide came from renewable energies. This is a desirable development that everyone can support. Because every household that switches to green electricity helps with the energy transition and the achievement of the European climate targets. We want to make the switch easier and take a look at the best providers of sustainable electricity in the following green electricity comparison.

Green electricity has a reputation for being much more expensive than conventional energy. This is no longer the case. On the contrary: in many cases, renewable energy is cheaper than electricity from fossil fuels.

Tip: If you pay attention to your ecological footprint and green electricity is not enough, there are many ways to shop sustainably. No matter whether food, clothing or furniture: Sustainability has arrived in all industries and has now become an important economic factor.

Everything eco what?

Comparison of green electricity providers
Green electricity providers do not always only offer energy from renewable sources – in some cases the supply consists of an electricity mix. This means that sustainable electricity is “mixed” with electricity from conventional sources. Even if a provider advertises with 100 percent green electricity, if you take a closer look, not everything that glitters is gold.

According to experts, the term “green electricity” is not adequately protected, so that, for example, nuclear energy providers can advertise with green electricity. When comparing green electricity, quality seals such as “Green Electricity” and “OK Power” must be observed.

SparEnergie: Inexpensive green electricity with price guarantee

In cooperation with Lition, SPARWELT GmbH has also entered the green electricity supplier sector and, with SparEnergie, offers affordable green electricity at fair conditions. The company works with regional electricity producers and guarantees 100 percent certified green electricity from independent producers. The exchange service is included at SparEnergie and customers receive a SPARWELT price guarantee for 12 months. However, customers are guaranteed permanently low prices even beyond this period.

The green electricity comparison shows that the 2-person household with an average annual consumption of 2,500 kilowatt hours with the SparEnergie tariff incurs about 720 euros in electricity costs per year. After the change, it takes about 3-4 weeks until the green electricity is activated and your own contribution to greener electricity begins.

Citizens’ works: energy from citizens for citizens

This offer is based on a union of more than 15,000 people and around 100 regional energy communities. The aim of the Bürgerwerke is to offer inexpensive green electricity from hydro, solar and wind power and thus support small producers of sustainable energy. Green electricity can also be obtained by those who are not members of a electricity cooperative – but whoever wants to can become a member.

The contract can be canceled monthly, so that the customer has a lot of flexibility. Until the end of 2020, Bürgerwerke also offers a price guarantee. The prices are shown on the online tariff calculator within a few seconds and the change of provider is easily done with the exchange service of the Bürgerwerke.