October 26, 2020


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Wireless Bluedio Particle Headphones Review: the new 007 king

Bluedio Particle Headphones in box
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Now it is time for Bluedio, who are known for very good headphones, now also have Particle headphones in their portfolio for review. With the Bluedio Particle headphones with Bluetooth 5.0, you can buy it at Amazon for as little as $32.99. I recommend you read our article because these wireless earbud headphones are amazing with great sound!

At the moment you can save yourself from the wave of new true wireless in-ear headphones. And actually you don’t know what to buy for your money anyway. Especially in the low-cost sector, you are overwhelmed when it comes to the Bluedio Particle in any form. The cheap No Name copies make the overview extremely difficult. i10, i12, i14, etc. And even among each other the devices are copied and ultimately you do not know what you get. Therefore, you should rely on names and manufacturers that you know. Bluedio has not only made a name in recent years with great quality and low price but they also have premium products wich are awesome. Also sometimes they have a really cool designs, but the sound was always very good.

Bluedio Particle Headphones Review

The design of the Particle headphones is very nice, and is based more on the crowd. Basically, the manufacturer knows what is important. It is also advertised directly with “6Hrs Playtime”, which is definitely important that you don’t need to constantly charge it. The connection is made via Bluetooth 5.0.

The headphones can be reliably paired with Bluetooth on the PC and smartphone and also keep the connection stable. I did this with my Huawei smartphone and a Mac including Windows PC.
As soon as the headphones are removed from the charging cradle, they connect automatically. Sound is great for this price performance, comparable to expensive branded devices. The sound is just great even with classical and acoustic music, you can hear the individual instruments cleanly. When talking to Discord or on the phone, the sound is also clear, this was confirmed to me by my friends.

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Especially the battery life of about 6 hours of the headphones is remarkable, of course depending on the volume used. The charging box offers an additional 500mA to reach a few more hours. The initial coupling to the playback device works very well right away, regardless of whether with the left or right connector. Reconnecting after pairing was also easy. Single use is also possible. In my test, I did not have disconnections or asynchronous playback, and the Bluetooth 5.0 range is also very good.

What catches the eye is the great design, elegance kissed by modernity in the simple but in combination of excellent colors gold & black.

Functions as before / next. Titles, louder quieter are included, which surprised me positively was the play / pause sensor function of the right handset. This means that if you pick up the right handset to listen to the music, the music automatically pauses, and when you are finished listening and plug it in again, the sound continues.

Top buy recommendation. Price performance and quality are great.