October 28, 2020


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Samsung and LG Display will stop supplying high-end smartphone panels to Huawei

Samsung and LG Display will stop
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Samsung and LG Display will stop the supply of high-end smart to Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. mobile phone panel.

Samsung Display (Samsung Display) declined to comment. Samsung Electronics and Apple are the company’s main customers for OLED displays.
LG Display said in a statement that given the limited number of panels shipped to Huawei, the US move will have little impact on the company, adding that it will continue to diversify its customer base.
Some people believe that this news is affected by US sanctions, but based on earlier news, according to the news in July this year, Huawei Mate40 will all use BOE On-Cell OLED panels, and some media said that Apple will also be in 2021. Use this type of panel. It shows that in terms of supply chain, the mobile phone display panel market will also undergo major changes.

Regarding the characteristics of the BOE On-Cell OLED panel, the current exposure information shows that the panel is embedded with a touch sensor, making the screen thinner. At present, China Star Broadcasting Corporation and Visionox can supply such screens. But this year, only BOE has won orders from Huawei.

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