November 24, 2020


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The performance and image of Huawei Mate40 Pro’s flagship phone should be like this

The performance and image of Huawei Mate40 Pro
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In addition to the difference in materials and workmanship, the biggest difference between flagship mobile phones and mid- and low-end models is the power gap in performance and imaging. At present, the mobile phone product lines of various manufacturers are more detailed, and categories such as e-sports game phones and professional video phones have appeared on the market. However, dividing by such attributes means that manufacturers will weigh performance and taking pictures on mobile phones.

It is not difficult to find that a mobile phone that focuses on e-sports games will have a bit of a hip in the image. The price of flagship mobile phones is not cheap, and ordinary consumers spend a large sum of money to buy mobile phones, and no one wants to see the mobile phone of their choice “left behind” in some respects. How to build flagship mobile phones, high-end brands such as Huawei Mate series that have been baptized by the market, may give us some inspiration. Today, we will talk about this Huawei Mate40 Pro.

As for the design part, I believe everyone already knows that the 88° super-curved ring screen, coupled with the rear camera module arrangement of the “Starring” design, is highly recognizable in many mobile phones, and we can easily recognize it. This is the design style of Huawei Mate series.

Huawei Mate40 Pro flagship phone

Performance is the killer feature of this year’s Mate40 series. Before the new phone was released, the Kirin 9000 chip it carried was already highly anticipated. As the first batch of mobile phone processors using 5nm technology, Kirin 9000 has up to 15 billion + transistors , adopts a three-level energy efficiency architecture of 1 super large core + 3 large cores + 4 small cores, and the highest main frequency can reach 3.13GHz.

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The actual game performance is also expected. “Peace Elite” HDR HD + extreme image quality can run at full frame, of course, we can also choose the smooth +90 frame mode to obtain higher frame rate performance. In terms of experience, with three-dimensional dual speakers, the game can be immersed in the game.

The performance and image of Huawei Mate40 Pro's flagship phone should be like this

In addition, as an integrated 5G chip, its 5G performance is the industry leader. The measured data can tell everything. I have to admit that Huawei’s years of accumulated experience in the field of communication technology have made it the Kirin 9000 that has become the world’s strongest comprehensive capability. 5G mobile phone chip.

From the beginning, HiSilicon Kirin has always insisted on self-research and development. It is hard to imagine the hard work of the engineers behind to achieve today’s results. As we all know, chip technology is the hardest part of the mobile phone industry. Giants like Apple and Samsung have gained their current status because they have mastered the technological commanding heights.

According to the market development trend, Huawei’s early deployment of chip technology, domestic mobile phone manufacturers may understand that the road to self-research is difficult, but it needs to be tried. After the continuous improvement of my country’s basic industries, the vision of chip design and manufacture will not be too far.

The Huawei Mate series has withstood eight years of market test and is gradually recognized by consumers. In the global mobile phone market, the new-generation Mate40 series has become one of the representatives of high-end flagship mobile phones.

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Whether it is 5G, performance or imaging system, the new machine represents Huawei’s greatest sincerity at this stage. It is undeniable that Huawei Mate40 Pro still has the strength to lead its competitors in terms of industrial design, chip self-research capabilities, and imaging capabilities. Huawei has a clear idea of ​​building a high-end flagship, which is to provide a differentiated experience in the flagship machine.