October 26, 2020


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The breakthrough design “super perfect flagship” iQOO 5 Pro will be officially released tomorrow

iQOO 5 Pro
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On the same day, the official Weibo of @iQOO mobile phone also released the “iQOO Racing Open Day” product design promotional image, once again revealing more behind-the-scenes information about the iQOO 5 Pro product design. The advent of iQOO 5 Pro has experienced 6 designers, more than 20 first-version design plans, 100 style changes, and more than 500 design plans. The goal is to create artworks with flagship performance cores. iQOO 5 Pro has become what the public sees today, and has gone through constant trade-offs and trials. So how do designers strive for excellence behind this? All answers will be announced on the “iQOO Racing Open Day” on September 11.

With the growing number of digital large V drying out iQOO 5 Pro real machine Mito , many users have expressed reservation is hot in iQOO 5 Pro is looking forward to iQOO 5 Pro beautifully textured design highly recognized. The design details of iQOO 5 Pro are very racing elements. Whether it is the bold and innovative white plain leather “legendary version” or the “track version” that reinterprets the classics, they are all based on the “speed aesthetics” that iQOO insists on. Best interpretation.


And iQOO 5 Pro 15 minutes charge to 100% leapfrog charging experience, bring a quarter of an hour “speeding”; top hardware configuration and deeply optimized e-sports mode, bring professional-level e-sports experience; a newly upgraded super-sensitive imaging system The ultimate shooting experience it brings shows that it is a “comprehensive” performance flagship.
At present, iQOO 5 Pro is currently on hot pre-sale, and will be officially launched on the official website of vivo, JD.com, Tmall, and Suning.com’s vivo mobile phone flagship store at 00:00 on September 10.

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