October 28, 2020


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The KLIM Chroma keyboard with a long service life

The KLIM Chroma keyboard review
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The KLIM gamer keyboard is a gamer keyboard with a long service life. The manufacturer states in the product description that the keyboard has a lifespan of 20,000,000 clicks – this corresponds to a useful life of approximately 15 years.

The KLIM gaming keyboard is said to be very quiet, the typing noises are muffled. The response time of the buttons is about 2ms. With a weight of 490 grams, the KLIM gaming keyboard is very light.

In terms of lighting, the KLIM Chroma gaming keyboard offers tri-color lighting that divides the keyboard into three distinct areas. The LEDs are bright and can therefore be seen very well in the dark. The illumination of the keyboard can be deactivated by pressing a key on the back. The KLIM Chroma Gamer keyboard is one of the affordable gaming keyboards in our comparison.

16.7 million colors – if you read this, that’s impressive. Especially when you consider that this amount of colors can be seen on a computer keyboard.

KLIM Chroma keyboard

The Lioncast LK15 gaming keyboard offers you up to 16.7 color setting options using appropriate software. With the gaming keyboard with the n-key rollover, gamers will find their keyboard. The multi-color lighting and the LED pipe create the right atmosphere when playing, while you can vary the brightness individually.

The repetition rates of the buttons are also adjustable, thus ensuring the ultra-fast response times. The keys are relatively high and offer a comfortable posture when writing and playing. The integrated, ergonomic wrist rest firmly connected to the keyboard is also ideal for a good and relaxed posture.

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Four different user profiles for different games can be called up without software. Additional profiles can also be saved on the keyboard. In many cases, the competition does not set an n-key rollover for their gaming keyboards – Lioncast does with this LK15 gaming keyboard. You can also switch between n-key rollover and 6-key rollover – directly on the keyboard.

The multimedia bar rounds off the functionality of this Lioncast LK15 gaming keyboard. This gaming keyboard is priced at the mid-priced models.