October 21, 2020


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Meizu Hanchang’s new business launches wedding invitation customization service starts

Meizu new business launches wedding
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When it comes to mobile phone industry, “the letter factory”, it must ultimately Meizu, the mobile phone industry as a “letter” the most innovative brand can not be overemphasized, but this “letter” is not a lawyer’s letter, but the invitation. The invitation letter to the Meizu conference is full of surprises.

From vinyl records to Go Pro sports cameras to sledgehammers and meats, Meizu’s invitations are ingenious every time. This unique design and marketing ability can now also be used to witness your love! Who doesn’t want to “be creative” in the ceremony of love and create a unique and memorable wedding that belongs to him?

First of all, wedding invitations are the “pioneers” that give people the first impression. How to make invitations creative and attractive is also an important art. Meizu’s ability in this area can be said to be very powerful. There have been many conferences. The invitation letter aroused heated discussions among people. It can be said to be a master of the letter factory. Do you want such a professional team to witness love for you? Don’t miss this Tanabata event.

On the Qixi Festival of August 25, users who purchase the Meizu 17 series at Meizu Mall and register for marriage from August 25, 2020 to December 31, 2020, will have the opportunity to obtain a wedding invitation provided by the Meizu invitation letter design team Customized service! This Qixi Festival, invite you to witness love together.

It is worth noting that there is a line of small print highlights at the bottom of the poster: At the same time, it can provide customized services for the invitation letter of the new product launch conference of friends (this is a paid content). You can see that Hanchang is a little bit skinny. What are you waiting for for such a sweet Qixi Festival? Hurry up and place an order.

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