October 28, 2020


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Philips 346P1CRH Review: Best 34-inch Monitor in Space

Philips 346P1CRH Review
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For review the Philips 346P1CRH monitor uses the mainstream three-sided narrow-edge design on the market, with a high screen-to-body ratio. With a narrower black border width and a 34-inch large screen, the visual effect is better. When you are using it, you will be more focused on the content displayed on the screen.

This camera supports Windows Hello biometric technology, which is a technology based on biometric technology. You only need to use the camera for facial recognition to verify identity. It has extremely high security, and secure access to Windows 10 users’ devices, applications and other functions. We can go to Windows Settings→Account→Login Options to add settings.

In the middle of the bottom frame of the metal drawing process, it is the Philips brand LOGO. The small sensor that implements the Power Sensor function is placed next to lOGO. This function can sense whether the display is in use. If no one is detected on the display, the display will automatically reduce the brightness, thereby greatly reducing power consumption and extending the life of the display.

Philips 346P1CRH camera

The theoretical maximum transfer rate of this port is 10Gb per second, which is twice that of the USB3.1 Gen1 interface. When connected to the device, it can simultaneously charge the device, transmit audio and video signals to the display, and turn on the display’s USB HUB. The connection is more convenient and brings a better experience when in use.

This monitor provides an HDMI2.0 interface and a DP interface on the video interface. In addition, there is a DP OUT interface that can transmit video signals to the outside, so as to realize a video interface to expand the use of dual screens. This is the daisy chain function. In addition, this display also provides a USB-C interface with a 90W power supply.

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Philips 346P1CRH backside

This display also has two built-in 5W speakers. In scenes such as video conferencing, movie watching and entertainment, there is no need to install independent speakers, and you can also enjoy the shocking listening experience brought by stereo. Make more effective use of desktop space and make the environment cleaner.

The OSD menu provides a lot of functions. In addition to the common brightness, contrast adjustment, input signal selection, image adjustment, you can also choose whether to turn on PowerSenor (human intelligent sensing), LightSensor (adjusting brightness according to light) and LowBlue (low blue light) mode.

This widescreen display also improves work efficiency very significantly. It will not feel too crowded to display two web pages at the same time, and a lot of content can be displayed without web page zooming. During video editing , the extra display space can display more video progress bars, which speeds up the efficiency of editing.

In addition to the increase in display area, the high refresh rate of 100Hz also played a decisive role. A higher refresh rate can display more pictures in 1 second, and the picture display is smoother. Because the change of the display screen is caused by human operation, the refresh rate becomes higher. The most intuitive feeling is that the operation is more user-friendly, which greatly enhances the sense of control.

When the video clip is rendered, the computer will run at full capacity. At this time, the use of the computer will be very lagging, and basically cannot be used. The PIP/PBP split screen provided by the Philips 346P1CRH ultra-widescreen monitor is useful. When my host is rendering, I can connect another host to the monitor to edit pictures and edit text. Time use is more efficient, and there will be no delay in work.

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The next step is the screen test. We use the Spyder X Elite color calibration instrument to test the Philips 346P1CRH display. The test items include color gamut coverage, color gamut volume, tone response, grayscale, color temperature, color uniformity and color accuracy. Let’s take a look at how this screen performs!

In the color gamut coverage test, the Philips 346P1CRH monitor has a 99% coverage of the sRGB color gamut, the Adobe RGB color gamut has a coverage of 86%, and the P3 color gamut of 92% performed well.