October 21, 2020


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Redragon Storm M808 Review Gaming Mouse

Redragon Storm M808 Review
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In line with the current trend towards super lightweight, mouse manufacturers are looking for intelligent ways to reduce the weight of the mouse without compromising the quality of workmanship.
Two ways to simplify the mouse are punching holes in the mouse shell or internal execution. The design of honeycomb holes is the most popular and aesthetically most accessible way so far, since the holes in the shell ventilate the hand better.
Most mice have a smooth skin shell, while the Redragon Storm M808 has a grooved honeycomb pattern that extends from the mouse tip to the mouse base.

Redragon Storm M808

The texture of the honeycomb grooves not only provides a sticky surface, but also excellent ventilation because the honeycomb grooves are hollow and can let air through, which is perfect for tournaments like Fortnite. You can even see what’s fine through the inside of the mouse. Accordingly, honeycomb openings have the inevitable disadvantage that dirt and moisture in the bowels of the mouse are more easily permitted.
The Redragon Storm M808 is made entirely of hard plastic, with no thumb / pink residue or rubber parts, with the exception of teflon-based pads, which prevent scratches and allow the mouse to slide more easily on any surface.

Redragon Storm M808 RGB lights

The right and left side of the Redragon Storm M808 have rubber grips made of raised hard plastic points that grip the thumb, ring and pink fingers only slightly, but not as flexibly as the rubber grip. The Redragon Storm M808 is a USB mouse. Therefore, it is wired with impervious 1.50 meter cable glands that are braided and extremely flexible. Made of soft braid, the Redragon Storm M808 cable is unlikely to become stiff, especially as it gets older.
The scroll wheel of the Redragon Storm M808 is slightly concave and rubberized with a textured pattern that enables it to be gripped safely even with sweaty fingers. The scroll wheel has the standard functionality of the website, as well as the scroll wheel and the button.

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You can scroll the page up and down and press down to open and close the tabs of the webpage without clicking the X icon to close the webpage. However, there are no left and right sliders. Therefore, you cannot switch between websites.

With the DPI buttons you can choose between five DPI modes: 500 DPI (red), 1000 DPI (blue), 2000 DPI (green), 3000 DPI (purple) and 6200 DPI (yellow). The light mode button toggles between seven lighting effects (breathing, long, fully lit, wave, non-marking, reactive, flash and off), which turns the lighting off.

If you want to customize the lighting effects, create macros, adjust the polling speed (125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz and 1000 Hz) and change the DPI increment (between 200 DPI and 12400 DPI in steps of 100 DPI), you need the redragon zone -Download software.
In terms of performance, the firmware of the Redragon Storm M808 mouse works well, so the built-in Pixart 3327 sensor is unhappy with no downtime or jitter / acceleration when moving at high or low speed. The Pixart 3327 sensor has a stroke distance of 2 mm. Therefore, the sensor stops tracking if the mouse is raised over 2 mm. This corresponds to the height of two stacked CDs.

If you want you can buy it here at this official shop.