October 28, 2020


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828 Enterprise Cloud Festival is coming to an end. Come and see what other exciting events will be in September

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In this worldwide epidemic, many large companies have been affected and have to lay off staff and close stores. On the contrary, some technology companies and Internet companies have remained strong and have been sought after by the market. The digital economy and the real economy are in sharp contrast. In this fast-developing information age, companies deploy IT infrastructure, management, and information systems on the cloud platform through the network to better focus on business and reduce the various impacts of the uncertainty of the real economy.

This year, in order to help companies better carry out cloud work, strengthen the ability to resist risks, and better develop business. Huawei Cloud once again launched the 828 Enterprise Cloud Festival. Among them, ten special sessions have been set up: enterprise start-up sessions, overseas scenarios, website construction sessions, enterprise data cloud and governance sessions, domain names and intellectual property sessions, government and enterprise cloud security sessions, IoT traffic sessions, cloud video conference sessions, Enterprise Intelligent AI Innovation Special, WeLink Digital Office Special. These special sessions not only respond to the various needs of enterprises to go to the cloud, cover a variety of application scenarios, but also bring a number of value-added offers!

828 Enterprise Cloud Festival

No matter how large or small an enterprise goes to the cloud, the main problems faced by it are actually the following three points: technical issues, security issues, and cost issues. At the HUAWEI CLOUD 828 Cloud Festival, 8 major cloud solutions were launched from the three aspects of product diversity, corporate consulting, and product discounts to fully meet the diversified cloud requirements of enterprises.

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For example, in terms of technical issues, companies often face the problem of “not going” and do not know which cloud plan to choose. HUAWEI CLOUD experts provide one-to-one consulting services, whether it is a large enterprise, a start-up enterprise or an overseas enterprise. You can find a cloud plan that suits you.

In response to the security issues of going to the cloud, the Huawei Cloud 828 Cloud Festival also launched a special cloud security session, providing a complete set of intelligent protection systems in four aspects: host ransom protection, website attack detection, website HTTPS authentication, and multi-cloud protection. .

Finally, regarding the cost issue, this Cloud Festival simply and directly introduced a 100 million yuan cloud subsidy, and all products have strong discounts. The cloud server is as low as 82.8 yuan, and the registered domain name starts at 1 yuan. Give Huawei P40Pro! In addition, Huawei Cloud has launched a fertile start-up enterprise support plan for the incubation, growth, and cloud development of enterprises, providing up to 1 million cloud resources.

The event of the HUAWEI CLOUD 828 Enterprise Cloud Festival will end on September 11th, during which all new and old users can enjoy great discounts! Whether it’s cloud servers, domain names, databases, or even security products, various offers await you. Don’t miss the chance and never come again. Users who haven’t participated yet, hurry up and click on the link to act!

Upcoming Events

Although the 828 Enterprise Cloud Festival is about to end, more exciting activities are already on the way! Yes, it is Huawei Full Connect 2020! From September 23 to 26 this year, Huawei will join hands with thought leaders, technology experts, pioneer companies, ecological partners and developers in the global ICT industry to meet again in Shanghai.

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The digitalization and intelligence of the industry are entering an explosive period. Innovative technologies represented by cloud, AI, 5G, etc. have injected new momentum into it, spurring experience innovation, process innovation, and model innovation. Huawei is committed to working with partners to create new value for thousands of industries through the integration of technology and application scenarios.

The conference will jointly discuss the development direction and future opportunities of industry digitalization, showcase leading technologies, products and solutions in the ICT field, jointly showcase the latest cooperation results, share successful practices, and build an open and win-win health industry ecology and create together The new value of the industry.