October 28, 2020


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A Belarusian product exhibition hall in Henan Province opened in Wuzhi County

A Belarusian product exhibition
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A few days ago, the Belarusian Embassy and the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce, Zhengzhou Jinshui District Government, Zhengzhou Jinshui District Qichu Technology Co., Ltd. and Henan Zhengliang Industrial Co., Ltd. had in-depth discussions on the construction of “Belarusian Export E-commerce” and “Belarusian Agricultural Products Export “Cooperation.

Wuzhi County

On August 15, 2020, a Belarusian product pavilion in Henan Province opened in Wuzhi County. It is the first pavilion based on Belarusian food in Henan Province. The pavilion can open so quickly. The government and the Wuzhi County People’s Government’s strong support are inseparable. The opening of the Belarusian Food Pavilion allows the Chinese people to taste authentic Belarusian cuisine, and at the same time, it greatly increases the export of Belarusian high-value-added food to China.

Henan Province


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