October 28, 2020


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ASUS: If you want to use RTX30, first check if the power wattage is enough

ASUS: If you want to use RTX30
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After Nvidia released the RTX30, many friends who just bought the RTX20 graphics card were miserable. Although the performance has been greatly improved, the power consumption of the RTX30 has also increased significantly. Among them , the power consumption of the RTX 3070 is 220W, the power consumption of the RTX 3080 is 320W, and the power consumption of the RTX 3090 is 350W, which are significantly improved compared to the previous generation.

As a result, RTX30 has higher requirements for power supply, and Asus directly informs users that they must check whether the current power supply can meet the needs of the new graphics card. And even if the power consumption of the old power supply is sufficient, as the electrical performance decreases, it may not meet the requirements of the new graphics card in terms of voltage regulation.

Because of this, ASUS specially designed LED lights on the external power supply. If there is insufficient power supply, the LED lights will act as a reminder. ASUS recommends that if you buy RTX3090 and RTX3080, the power supply should be rated 750W or more. ROG Strix’s non-public design graphics card consumes 400W, which is higher than the public version, and requires higher power.

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