October 26, 2020


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Best Smartwatches in Gearbest 2020

best smartwatch gearbest
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The best new Smartwatches 2020 are here and are very different from their predecessors from Gearbest. Many features have been added. The question arises: which smartwatch suits you best?

When buying a smartwatch, things can quickly become confusing. What can I expect from a smartwatch? What do I have to look out for before buying a smartwatch? In this smartwatch test, I’ll introduce you to the 10 best smartwatch models of 2020 in my opinion.

Many of the smartwatch models in this test are unisex, meaning they are suitable for both men and women. Nevertheless, I compared the best women’s smartwatches 2020 in another article.

For bloody beginners, there is an extensive smartwatch purchase advice at the end But it is well known that it learns best in practice, which is why I will first present my Smartwatch favorites in detail.

The following table should give you an initial overview of the current Smartwatch models. Then you will learn more about the new features and the biggest advantages and disadvantages of the different models.

gearbest smartwatch


Compared to its predecessor, the 5th generation of the Fossil Smartwatch has become significantly narrower and looks even more fashionable.

However, the Fossil remains true to the overall concept: The smartwatches still have the same shape as ordinary wristwatches. That makes the Fossil Smartwatches unique in a way.

Incidentally, there are also Fossil ladies’ smartwatches available. These are a little narrower and have sparkling decorative stones, among other things – it’s definitely worth a look.


The Fossil Q Explorist is not the cheapest model in this smartwatch test – but thanks to its many functions and excellent workmanship, it has by far the best value for money . The Fossil Q is compatible with both Android and IOS smartphones. Incidentally, this applies to all smartwatches in this test – except for the Apple Watch.

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The large touchscreen makes operating this Fossil Smartwatch child’s play. The Fossil Q can also be navigated using a digital crown . Two freely assignable buttons are particularly practical, for example to quickly start a timer or to control music playback.

You can freely determine which functions you assign to the handles. With a smartwatch, navigation is always one of those things – in this case Fossil has done it well – touchscreen, crown and pushers complement each other wonderfully.

The AMOLED display of the Fossil Smartwatch has a high pixel density and is easy to read.

Of course, you can adjust the dials of this smartwatch individually to your ideas in no time at all. There are not only thousands of watch faces in the app – if you take the time, you can create a completely individual watch face for your Fossil Smartwatch.

In addition, the wristbands of your Fossil Smartwatch can also be exchanged in a few simple steps. The quick-change bracelets with a width of 22 mm are supported. Thanks to a large selection of replacement wristbands on Gearbest, you can adapt your Fossil Q smartwatch to any look for a low price.

The fitness functions of the Fossil Q Smartwatch are completely sufficient for the average consumer. The integrated GPS sensor enables you to determine your exact position and distance, regardless of your smartphone.

Are you going sporty? Then I definitely recommend you take a look at my detailed fitness watch comparison 2020. There you will find the perfect companion for your workout and you will also learn what to look out for before buying a sports watch. Unfortunately, normal smartwatches cannot quite keep up in this area.

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The Fossil Q vibrates to alert you to notifications as soon as the watch is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. For example, you will be able to read your incoming Whatsapp messages on the display. The small swipe keyboard of the Smartwatch is sufficient for short answers – for longer messages it is best to use the integrated Google voice assistant.

Thanks to NFC, you can pay with the Fossil Q Explorist at the supermarket checkout. This is certainly not the most important feature, but it shows that there is still some improvement inside the Fossil Q and that Fossil can keep up with the market leaders Apple and Samsung.

Battery life

While the battery life of the 4th generation was still a real weak point, Fossil has now (finally) improved it. The battery life is now okay, the battery lasts 2 to 3 days depending on usage.

My conclusion

Overall, I really like the Fossil Smartwatch from Gearbest. The design appeals to me personally, because this smartwatch is similar to a classic wristwatch.

The functions are really extensive compared to the low price. Only athletes will probably not be completely satisfied with this smartwatch.

The Fossil Q is intended more as a smart companion for everyday life – the Smartwatch can convince in this regard.