October 26, 2020


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Bitcoin scam with SpaceX and Elon Musk on YouTube

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Brazen fraud on YouTube: Hackers use NASA’s live stream to launch the SpaceX rocket to attract victims. The site, which sold a two-week-old press conference with Tesla founder Elon Musk as a live signal, promoted an unbelievable investment program.

Allegedly, the site promised, Musk would give away money in the form of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. To get some of this money, users would first have to transfer money to an account. The hackers were particularly clever: there were always reports from alleged users in the comments, who happily reported that they had already received money from Elon Musk.

A look at the history of the channel with over 100,000 subscribers points to a Russian hacker group. The first entries are still in Cyrillic, the first videos showed grilled food on the fire. The channel was later converted to the supposed live station of NASA and SpaceX.

YouTube has since responded and removed the fraudulent videos from its platform. But the site was online for over ten hours, probably collecting a lot of money for the hackers before it was closed.

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