October 26, 2020


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Chuwi CoreBox presented

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Chuwi has introduced a new Mini PC under the name Chuwi CoreBox. Visually, the Mini PC corresponds to the Chuwi GT Box we have already tested. The case is mostly made of relatively thick aluminum and looks similar to a shrunk Mac Pro. But even if the case is visually identical, the Chuwi CoreBox offers a somewhat more powerful hardware base inside. Instead of the i3-5005U of the GT Box, the Intel Core i5-5257U is now used in the CoreBox. This is also getting a bit old, but is still not a bad choice because it enables an increase in performance without having to increase the price massively. The processor offers two cores and four threads, which work with a base clock of 2.7GHz and a turbo clock of 3.10GHz. The integrated Iris 6100 graphic provides sufficient performance for office use and undemanding casual games. A weak point is the limitation of Quick Sync support to H.264. H.265 or HEVC can only be decoded and encoded using software.

The Chuwi CoreBox uses a fan for cooling, which according to Chuwi should work effectively and quietly. You can really believe the information, because the GT Box was surprisingly quiet. Inside there is space for a 2.5 inch hard drive or SSD. There is also an M.2 SATA 3 slot, which houses a 256GB SSD in 2280 format at the factory. The working memory of the Chuwi CoreBox is 8GB in size and is based on LPDDR3 modules. An upgrade is unfortunately not possible because the memory on the mainboard is soldered. In the end, the 8GB should be sufficient for most users, since most tasks that would require more memory would not be fun anyway on the rather weak processor.

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