October 21, 2020


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Cleaning your cell phone: That’s why you should disinfect your smartphone regularly

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Did you know that we tap our cell phone up to 2,500 times on average every day? And even if we hold the smartphone less often in our hands, that doesn’t change the fact that millions of germs, bacteria – and viruses – spread on the surface. Although the pathogens can only survive on stainless steel and plastic surfaces for a maximum of three days, this is still enough time for the increasingly rapidly spreading corona diseases. So why expose yourself to unnecessary risk when it is just as easy to clean your cell phone regularly as your own hands? The same also applies to PCs, tablets and laptops: how you can properly disinfect all displays, keyboards and touchscreens is summarized below for you.

Which cleaning agents for displays are recommended – and which are taboo? The display of a smartphone is particularly sensitive and should therefore not come into contact with aggressive cleaning agents that contain soap (such as glass or window cleaners). Otherwise, the oil-absent properties of the surface, which is supposed to protect the display from fingerprints and greases, could be destroyed. Under normal circumstances, it would be enough to use an ordinary screen cleaner. There are a variety of different products, such as a practical cleaning set for rye on the go or a screen cleaner including microfibre cloth from Blum (100 ml), CleanTech (200 ml) and SUBTAN blue (500 ml).

Avoid mistakes: How to clean your cell phone properly

Before cleaning, make sure that your cell phone is not connected to a power source. It is best to switch it off completely and let it cool down before starting the disinfection. To prevent liquids from penetrating the interior of the smartphone through the openings in the housing or connecting sockets and causing great damage, you should never spray the cleaning agent on the display. It is best to use microfiber cloth to clean the display – it is soft and lint-free. Wet the cloth with the cleaning agent and gently wipe all surfaces, i.e. the front and back. Last but not least, the cell phone is not just a spinner, but also its shell. If you clean the smartphone thoroughly, always remember to disinfect the case separately – otherwise the whole action was in vain.

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This applies to all cosmetics that contain fats. Last but not least: the smartphone has lost nothing on the dining table!