November 24, 2020


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Create a future with Hubei Alibaba Central China headquarters settled in Wuhan

Alibaba Central China headquarters
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Alibaba Group officially announced today that they will launch the Central China Headquarters project in Wuhan, Hubei. According to Ali’s plan, the Central China Headquarters Park is expected to be completed in 2026.

When announcing this news, Alibaba Group made it clear that 2020 will be extraordinary, and the central China headquarters will settle in Wuhan, which means that Alibaba and Hubei will not only bear the burden of the storm, but also create the future together.

It is understood that Alibaba’s Central China Headquarters and Industrial Community Base is located in Wuchang District, Wuhan City, at the intersection of Xudong Avenue and Youyi Avenue. The above-ground construction area is about 300,000 square meters. Alibaba and ecological enterprises will settle in and gather together. New retail and other formats will create a smart industry cluster integrating work, commerce, life and entrepreneurship.

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