October 31, 2020


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Face recognition hardware manufacturers see “opportunities” in the “crisis” this six months

Face recognition hardware manufacturers
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Due to the uncertainty of market demand caused by the epidemic, the supply chain of the entire electronics industry will be greatly affected in 2020. However, as a typical hardware supplier, Guangdong Singma Electronics achieved a satisfactory result in the first half of this year: its products are exported to many countries at home and abroad, and its sales in the first half of the year alone surpassed the entire year of last year. The reason is that it has something to do with Xingma’s entry into the face recognition market and the production of a face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine.

The application of new technologies will inevitably drive new market demand for hardware products. In the past, the stock market faced by hardware manufacturers such as cameras, development boards, and complete machines has been relatively fixed, and the development of incremental markets is urgently needed. Nowadays, with the further widespread commercial use of face recognition, a larger blue ocean market for face hardware has gradually formed, and hardware manufacturers have also benefited from it.

  The existence of Singma Electronics is not an isolated case. Especially during the epidemic, various contactless applications provided by face recognition have become a rigid demand, and the global market demand has surged. Typical applications such as face recognition temperature measuring machine, face recognition ladder control, human Face attendance machines, hotel face check-in machines, face access control machines, etc. have all received a large number of orders.

  Although face recognition is comparable to Dongfeng’s help, the author learned from the communication with companies that many hardware manufacturers are still in anxiety: in the industry chain of face recognition equipment, the ceiling above their heads is not high, and development is likely to fall into a bottleneck. . They are not in a dominant position in the entire industry chain: they do not directly face the end user scenarios and needs, resulting in limited product understanding and innovation; at the same time, they do not have software R&D capabilities and can only produce hardware according to orders and develop to a certain scale It is easy to hit the “ceiling” afterwards.

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Especially in actual projects, face recognition hardware needs to be connected to actual application systems to meet the final needs of customers, such as access control systems, attendance systems, and temperature measurement systems. However, hardware manufacturers mainly invest R&D resources in hardware research, production and sales, and lack software development capabilities. If you want to expand the market and improve bargaining power, you must increase investment in software development areas that you are not good at, or bundle suitable application service providers to cooperate in bidding. This is also a common dilemma faced by hardware manufacturers in the field of face recognition.

  It is understood that some hardware manufacturers have been unable to quickly obtain the support of software capabilities, which has led to a lot of time to discuss and determine the integration of software and hardware. What’s more, it seriously affects the project delivery cycle.

  There is a theory called “value chain” in economics: among the numerous market activities of an enterprise, the business activities that really create value are the “strategic links” in the value chain. If an enterprise wants to maintain its competitive advantage for a long time, it must master more strategic links. So how do hardware companies master strategic links such as software and hardware integration capabilities and customer expansion? Perhaps embracing a third-party, neutral and open AI industry platform will become a breakthrough strategy.

In summary, the AI ​​open platform emerging as a neutral identity has become a very good cooperation choice for hardware manufacturers to enter the face recognition market.

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  First of all, through the platform, hardware manufacturing companies can quickly obtain high-quality algorithms with high R&D thresholds, as well as the overall technology system and ecosystem.
  Second, the neutral status of the platform allows more manufacturers to put down their guard and discuss the value of cooperation. Unified connection, unified call, and shortening the joint debugging time of software and hardware are a temptation for hardware manufacturers or application service providers, because they can focus more on their professional fields.

  In addition, platform entry is also beneficial to B-end customers. Customers pay attention to the delivery time and quality of the project. Such a platform has a strong role in improving the delivery quality of the project and shortening the delivery time of the project.