October 28, 2020


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Green Justice Ministers call for law on Corona warning app

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Ministers from several federal states are warning of the monitoring potential of the tracing app, which will soon be available. A special law is intended to prevent the use of apps beyond the fight against pandemics.

The four ministers of justice and senators of the Greens in the federal states are committed to regulating the use of the planned Corona warning app by law. It must be ensured that the app may only be used on a voluntary basis, according to a position paper by Katja Meier (Saxony), Dirk Adams (Thuringia), Dirk Behrendt (Berlin) and Till Steffen (Hamburg). Previously, the Greens’ parliamentary group had already campaigned for such a legal basis, although so far to no avail.

A recent comment from a Minnesota state security officer had caused a stir, with massive protests taking place in its largest city, Minneapolis, after George Floyd’s death. John Harrington said at a press conference that contact tracing had started to track the activities of detained protesters.

Jens Spahn emphasizes the voluntary nature of the tracing app

Tracing apps could be an opportunity to identify and isolate infection chains, according to the position paper of the Green Ministers. “However, their monitoring potential also harbors great risks. That is why we demand that such applications not only have to meet strict data protection requirements.” There should be no obligation to install an app and carry a smartphone with you.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) and Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) had emphasized several times in the past few days and weeks that the use of the app had to be absolutely voluntary. The two ministers also spoke out against special installation incentives. “If the citizens have the impression that they are waving bacon, then not enough people will take part,” said Seehofer. EU politician Axel Voss (CDU) previously suggested that users of the warning app should be given more freedom than those who do not download it.

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