October 28, 2020


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“iPhone X almost killed me”: billionaire lawsuit from Escobar’s brother

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At least that is what the alleged victim claims. As TMZ reports, the iPhone X Roberto Escobar claims to have almost been doomed. The Colombian bought an iPhone X in April 2018 because an Apple employee assured him that it was the safest smartphone on the market. But he apparently has had other experiences and is now claiming 2.6 billion euros in damages from Apple.

What did the iPhone X Escobar do?

A year after buying the iPhone X, Escobar said he received a death threat from a certain “Diego”. “Diego” kindly told him where he got the address from Roberto Escobar. He found her through FaceTime. Escobar’s conclusion: his iPhone X must have been the victim of a hacker attack.

Escobar’s revenge campaign against Apple

Roberto Escobar apparently does not want to leave the billions complaint. According to TMZ, he is now trying himself as a smartphone provider and is selling a limited gold edition of the iPhone 11 Pro at a bargain price: With 256 GB of storage, Escobar only costs around 450 euros – a price we can only dream of here. Why is he doing this? Because Apple could never offer it so cheaply, so Escobars explanation.

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