October 21, 2020


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It is rumored that Nintendo will announce the new Switch in early 2021, and it has already taken action this year

Nintendo will announce the new Switch in early 2021
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Recently, according to a report by the well-known Taiwanese media “Economic Daily”, Nintendo is currently in the process of developing a new Switch with enhanced interactivity and higher screen display levels. The earliest words will be the “New Switch “Mass production stocks.

The report also said that a number of major electronics manufacturers in Taiwan, including Macronix, which produces special ROMs for game cassettes, PixArt and Weltrend, which produce sensors for game hardware, have joined Nintendo’s production supply chain.

There are also rumors that the next-generation Switch is actually an enhanced version based on the existing host, namely Switch Pro. Compared with the current model, the enhanced version will use a 64GB SSD, a faster NV processor, and support 4K. Resolution, etc., the Pro version is expected to be priced at $99.

In addition, the source Mike Heskin dug through the program code and found that Switch Pro may support the second screen, which reminds everyone of Nintendo’s classic handheld NDS.
There is another argument that Switch Pro will work with Samsung to use Exynos processors. Due to Samsung’s relationship with AMD, the new Exynos processors will use AMD’s Radeon display technology, which will significantly improve game performance.

However, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has clearly stated that there will be no Switch hardware replacement in 2020. As for when the new generation of Switch will be officially unveiled, I am afraid I will have to announce the news myself.


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