October 29, 2020


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Japan’s OLED display collapse: Apple iPhone 12 supplier cups

Japan's OLED display collapse
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For JDI, the iPhone is turning to OLED screens. This is definitely not a good thing, at least at this stage they do not have a corresponding screen to satisfy Apple.

According to Japanese media reported that Japan Display Corporation (Japan Display Inc.) said it has agreed to pay $ 390 million will be located in a smart and central Japan mobile phone screen factory sold to Sharp Corporation (Sharp Corp), to raise funds to repay apple The company’s (Apple Inc) factory construction costs.

Nippon Display said in a statement that it will also sell the equipment of this liquid crystal display (LCD) plant to an “overseas customer” for US$285 million, US$85 million higher than the price announced in March. There are rumors that this so-called “overseas customer” is Apple.

Five years ago, Apple provided Japan Display with an “advance payment” of US$1.5 billion for the construction of this factory. The company still owes $702.5 million to Apple . The company said that the $675 million (about 4.6 billion yuan) from the sale of factories and equipment will be used to repay this debt.

As the main screen supplier of iPhone SE2 , JDI did not get better profit because of the big sales of this phone. When it comes to fundamentally speaking, they have missed the OLED screen, which makes them passive and their performance is declining.

According to the current situation, there will be four versions of the iPhone 12 that Apple will release this year, all of which are equipped with OLED screens. This means that there is no JDI at all. This also explains from the side why they have to sell the factory to repay the debt. Up.

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