October 26, 2020


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KF94 Mask Triple Filter Face Mask Great Price Free Shipping

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First of all there is also a great demand for these simple models. They offer great protection, at low cost price. The KF94 face masks in a pack of 20 are currently being offered by TomTop for $30 including shipping costs. The face mask is made of non-woven fabric, and is approximately 17 x 10 cm in size. The fabric should be moisture resistant and not irritating. There is an elastic ear hook and an adjustable nose bar. In the price comparison, this 20-pack can otherwise be found with shipping from abroad from 30 $. With good ratings, it is good buy from TomTop. Details: Can filter out 94% of the particles with elastic ear hook and adaptable nose bar, soft and comfortable to wear. Effectively blocks dust, air pollutants and droplets. One size fits most people.

20PCS KF94 Mask Triple Filter Face Mask
Price for EU Warehouse: $30.99


price for USA Warehouse: $33.99
Free Shipping


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