October 28, 2020


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Microsoft Flight Simulator players surpassed one million flight miles and 1.6 billion KM

Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Microsoft recently announced that the number of players in the simulation masterpiece “Microsoft Flight Simulation” officially released on August 18 has exceeded 1 million, and this game has become the PC-side XGP game with the fastest increase in players since its launch.

Microsoft also released a data, “Microsoft Flight Simulator” players have flown more than 26 million times, and the total flight mileage has exceeded 1 billion miles (about 1.6 billion KM), which is equivalent to traveling around the world 40,000 times. The most popular aircrafts are DAHER TBM 390, CESSNA CITATION CJ4 and AIRBUS A320 NEO. The most popular airport is New York Kennedy International Airport. The longest flight takes 10.39 hours and 7623KM.

surpassed one million flight miles

Microsoft also thanked the “pilots” for their strong support on its official website. They wrote:

Thanks to the strong support of our community fans, pilots, flying enthusiasts and virtual travelers, we have already had more than 1 million unique players on the sky. In addition, “Microsoft Flight Simulator” is also the largest game launch in the history of Xbox Game Pass on PC . On behalf of the entire team, we would like to express our gratitude to all the fans who started exploring the world and flying with us.

It’s great to see the community’s reaction to “Microsoft Flight Simulator”. So far, they have flown more than 26 million times and have flown more than 1 billion miles-equivalent to traveling around the world 40,000 times. Talk about how to accumulate those flying miles!

During this one billion mile flight, we are very happy to see the flight simulation community enjoy the simulator and help improve the experience through continuous feedback, while also welcoming and training new simulated pilots.


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