October 26, 2020


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MIUI 12 is coming: Overview of new features and functions

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Xiaomi has revealed the secret of the new MIUI 12 user interface. The new custom Android for Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones brings numerous new features, improvements and visual changes with it. We take a look at MIUI 12.

The customized Android from Xiaomi is one of the most popular user interfaces alongside Huawei’s EMUI and Samsung One UI. The system is characterized by innovative ideas and impressive visualizations – no wonder that Google has already taken over and rolled out some MIUI features for its stock Android.

Half a year after the release of MIUI 11, MIUI 12 now follows. Xiaomi is more committed than ever, because the new interface seems to be ready. Xiaomi gave a first glimpse with the introduction of the Mi 10 Youth Edition. MIUI 12 clearly focuses on aesthetics. On Tuesday, May 19, 2020, Xiaomi officially introduces MIUI 12 and presents the best new features. You can follow the event live on Tuesday from 2 p.m. in the YouTube stream here:

MIUI 12: These features are new or have been improved

Looking at the first videos and Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 website, it becomes clear that the new interface will look really beautiful. It’s the details that matter most. The MIUI-12 icons on the home screen will show a subtle animation when leaving an app:

In addition, the entire animation was changed when opening an app. Instead of opening and closing from the middle, each app under MIUI 12 is opened visually directly from the app icon and disappears when you close it. Due to a significantly thicker font, the entire surface also appears to be much clearer, tidier. It reminds me of Apple’s iOS. Also noteworthy are the new icons for the battery display, where users can now choose from four possible displays for the top icon bar.

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Dynamic windows

A very practical feature for smartphones with large displays: MIUI 12 brings free-floating app windows to the surface. This means that an app window can be gestured and placed anywhere on the screen:

MIUI with new control center

Did we just talk about Apple’s iOS? The new Control Center in MIUI 12 also looks quite similar to its American counterpart. Xiaomi and Redmi users receive blue-green tiles in the new Control Center, which opens downwards on the right using a swipe. In addition to the typical Android quick settings, there are 12 large tiles under MIUI that show further setting options when you hold down the button. For example, available WLAN networks or Bluetooth devices. In the video you can see how smooth it all looks:

MIUI 12 Change Log at a glance

The list of innovations and changes in the new version of MIUI is not long, but longer. We summarize the most important points in the overview:

New system animations with dynamic windows, new content structure, animated information and super wallpapers
New animations for the weather with real-time visualizations on the display
Xiaomi Cloud offers a family storage plan with MIUI 12
Privacy improvements
MIUI 12 is the first Android-based mobile operating system that has passed rigorous privacy protection tests (including TÜV Rheinland)
Resets your device ID and controls how it is used using Virtual ID technology
Grants permissions only while you’re using an app
You can only grant permissions once and decide again the next time you open them
Limited smartphone access for third-party apps
Receive notifications when apps record audio, use a camera, or access the location
Uses secure sharing to control what additional data is sent along with shared items
Get comprehensive statistics on how apps use permissions
Optimization: Apps are now not allowed to start other apps in the background
Xiaomi Health: New in MIUI 12
The new Xiaomi Health offers more options and makes health statistics more accurate
New sleep tracker with recording of snoring and sleeping noises
You can sync data with supported wearables and smart home devices
Xiaomi Health can remind you to get up and move when it is determined that you have been sitting too long
Analysis of health statistics with advice on how to optimize health
A new layout for calendar view in landscape format is now available
New animations
Calendar cards remind you of important events and anniversaries

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MIUI 12 Download: Install Beta

Install MIUI 12 Beta