October 21, 2020


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Moves like a giant eye: is THAT the future of cell phone cameras?

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“A photo sensor inspired by chameleon eyes.” This is how Vivo describes the huge lens that is built into the photo module of its upcoming flagship Vivo X50. The Chinese tech giant teased the fascinating photo smartphone in a video on May 20 on the Weibo social network.
In the short clip we see the Vivo X50 with a quadruple photo module on the back. In addition to a periscope telephoto lens, it also contains two other, rather inconspicuous sensors, and: a gigantic main sensor, which is the heart of the bizarre camera setup. Is THAT the future of smartphone photography?

With its flexible suspension, the sensor actually reminds us of a chameleon eye. As with a gimbal, the construction should serve to stabilize the image. When filming in video mode, this means smooth tracking shots. And when photographing, the suspension should prevent blurred pictures.

As TheVerge reports, Vivo promises a 200% better optical image stabilization for the mega lens compared to some competitors. Of course, Vivo’s marketing department does not reveal the parameters by which this improvement was measured. Until we can try the stabilized camera for ourselves, we will have to settle for the following video, which is at least 200% less meaningful than the videos from competing marketing departments.

In any case, there is no doubt that better stabilization will make more than sense. Finally, the race for the longest zoom has just begun, where smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra proudly have a “100x” on their back. Apart from the questionable picture quality, this is not for nervous hands. The more zoom, the stronger the blur.

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The bottom line, unfortunately, is that the Vivo X50 is unlikely to make it to Europe. That would be a shame if Vivo installed the new Samsung sensor announced this week, which we are also very excited about. The ISOCELL GN1 sensor with 50 megapixels is promisingly large with the 1 / 1.3-inch format.

Why should the chip be in the X50? A Vivo product manager mentioned him in the Weibo Chinese network. He explained that the enormous size of the GN1 sensor (1 / 1.3 inches, equivalent to 2.4μm pixel size) combined with advanced stabilization could prove to be particularly effective in the field of smartphone photography.

The Vivo X50 is slated for launch in China on June 1st. We tune in.

Source: Weibo