October 26, 2020


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OPPO Smart TV is here: A65U0B00 and A55U0B00 products are officially scheduled for October

OPPO Smart TV is here
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At the OPPO Developers Conference, OPPO announced that its first smart TV will be officially released in October. According to OPPO, the OPPO smart TV will be the content ecological entrance of the family scene under the integration of everything, and this time the OPPO smart TV will bring system-level new gameplay, which is worth looking forward to.

There are currently two OPPO TVs that have passed 3C certification. The models are A65U0B00 and A55U0B00, and the screen sizes are 55 inches and 65 inches, respectively. The two TVs are produced by TPV Display Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. The details of the two products are temporarily unknown, but it is worth noting that OPPO’s accomplishments in Blu-ray player products are extraordinary, and how many technologies can be applied to TVs is currently unknown.

oppo A65U0B00

Blu-ray? Low-end players may not understand, let me tell you…

A good horse is equipped with a good saddle, and people need to dress and wear gold. Of course, a good TV depends on good playback equipment to achieve the best results. And for now, the dormant movies on Blu-ray discs are the best we can get at home. One of several good sources. The function of the Blu-ray player is not only to play Blu-ray discs. The USB interface and HDMI have both input and output terminals. When playing a PS4 PRO, you can directly plug the game console interface into the input terminal and then direct the output to the TV. The magical effect.

I don’t want to say that many people don’t know that OPPO may be one of the strongest manufacturers in the world to produce Blu-ray players. The star product line of OPPO in the Asian market makes Sony, which is proud of its technology, is ashamed Not as good, whether this can affect OPPO’s TV products, we still need to look forward to the appearance of OPPO’s products.

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Many industry insiders said: “Mobile phone brands entering the color TV industry actually fancy smart TVs and the value behind them. Smart TVs are the core of future large-screen scenarios, the core entrance of future smart homes, and home entertainment sharing centers. Mobile brands can Use terminal influence as an entry point to seize these future entrances.” But my opinion on OPPO TV products is actually not that simple.

As the largest screen in the home environment, in addition to the attribute of “entrance”, of course, it also has the function of multimedia entertainment. OPPO’s advantage in this respect is that OPPO is the world’s top Blu-ray player producer.