October 21, 2020


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Rumors about advertising in OneUI 2.5: I pay for my smartphone at the checkout!

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Xiaomi is already advertising in its smartphones – and next is Samsung’s OneUI? At least that’s what a screenshot claims that shows an ad on the start screen of a Samsung smartphone. The rumor was quickly exposed as a duck, but the reactions from users were clear: With this form of monetization, a limit has been exceeded.

The alleged leak first appeared on the Indian tech site Tizen Help and from there it gained international attention on June 9 through American sites such as Android Central and Android Authority. The content of the leak: Samsung may be planning to play advertising overlays in version 2.5 of its OneUI interface.

Ads in OneUI 2.5: false rumor partially exposed

Imagine an ad that prevents you from unlocking your smartphone if you don’t click on it or wait 15 seconds before it disappears. Is that the way the world is going now? Especially when you consider that Samsung smartphones are sold for over 1,300 euros and that OneUI is one of the most popular Android interfaces on the market?

However, this particular case of a Korean display in the Korean weather app on a Korean Samsung smartphone is not a fake. The fake screenshot so widely shared by the US and European press on the right was only intended as a parody. And so the cartoon of the advertising faux pas in the weather app became a case of “Lost in Translation”.

A smartphone is paid for at the checkout, period!

An equally perverse logic is Apple’s plan, which was unveiled this week. According to this, holders of an Apple Card should receive interest-free loans to buy new iPhones or Macs. Of course: This can be seen as a nice initiative from Cupertino to save its customers bank fees and interest.

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In my opinion, however, the goal is to get as many people as possible to buy a smartphone for 1,000 euros – and at the same time to spread a banking service for which many customers would otherwise never have registered. I digress and better close this bracket.