October 31, 2020


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Samsung Galaxy S21+ battery capacity leak is 4800mAh

Samsung Galaxy S21+
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It is reported that the foreign media GalaxyClub obtained battery information that is said to be the Galaxy S21+ model, and learned that the phone will be equipped with a typical 4800mAh battery.

It is understood that the battery model is EB-BG996ABY. Since the battery model of the Galaxy S20+ is EB-BG986ABY, and the phone itself is marked as SM-G986, the EB-BG996ABY battery should be the battery used by the Galaxy S21+.

If the news is reliable, the Galaxy S21+ battery will have a larger capacity than the S20+’s 4500mAh. Since the new phone uses a 5nm chipset like the Snapdragon 875, this also indicates that the battery life of the S21 series will be greater than that of the S20.


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