October 21, 2020


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Sonok InfoComm exhibition presents Dunhuang Cave 275 with light and shadow

sonnoc Dunhuang Cave 275
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Sonok and Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts jointly presented an immersive video SHOW of “Hall of Shocking-Meeting Dunhuang’s Oldest Grotto” at InfoCommChina, Beijing. In this annual feast of the professional audio-visual and integrated experience industry, Sonok once again surprised the professional audience with display technology.

The Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes 275, which was presented at this exhibition, is one of the earliest caves in Dunhuang recognized by academia. Whether it is the shape of the caves or the frescoes of the Northern Liang Dynasty, they are very representative in the entire Dunhuang art. On the basis of restoring Cave 275, Sonok and Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts added their feelings about the splendid culture of Dunhuang and their tribute to Dunhuang studies and the people of Dunhuang. Innovate and present the ancient murals and language with modern art and technology. 14 Sonok laser high-brightness engineering projectors , with their high brightness and high color display, “excited” this oldest grotto and gave it a steady stream of vitality, letting it uncover the mystery and show it in front of the world.

Dunhuang Cave 275

On the other hand, the 14 laser high-brightness engineering projectors on the flow of light and shadow are new products of Sonok that have been launched recently. The models are SNP-LU11K, SNP-LU9000 and SNP-LU8001 with 10500 lumens, 8600 lumens and 8000 lumens. They are high-end engineering projectors and are often used in exhibitions, lecture halls, shopping malls and other scenes. They are excellent for light and shadow presentation. Carrier. Machines with different lumens can perfectly show the amazing charm of Dunhuang Cave 275 through the integration of technology.

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Sonok and Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

Mr. Zhu Zhen, CEO of Oriental Central Plains Group, Mr. Jia Guangjian, Dean of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and Professor of National Academy of Painting of China, Mr. Chen Qi, Executive Vice President of Graduate School of Central Academy of Fine Arts and Secretary of Printmaking Academy of China National Academy of Painting, Mr. Li Lin, founder of Lanjing Technology Many leaders attended the unveiling ceremony of the “Smart Light and Shadow Research Institute” of the tripartite cooperation.

At this InfoComm exhibition, Sonok used light and shadow to reproduce the stunning beauty of Dunhuang Cave 275.